Our Management Is Responsible For

Identifying, Assessing & Controlling all possible risks in the workplace proactively.

Ensuring Safety through Wellness, Punctuality & Technology Updates by providing training & supervision

Taking responsibility by being caring for People, Assets & Company Image, e.g. involve employee in risk management & Supporting injured employees for speedy recovery.

Our Employee Is Responsible For

Contributing in risk management activity.

Ensuring safety by maintaining good state of health & implementing safe working practices, thereby caring for People, Assets & Company Image.

Taking responsibility by inspiring colleagues to implement safe working practices, reporting accidents to management promptly & accurately.


  1. 1. Transfer details (date, time or no. of hours required, pick-up point, destination and address).
  2. 2. Flight details, if any (note that we will follow the actual flight time in case of any early or delayed flight arrivals).
  3. 3. Limousine Transport (vehicle type, no. of passengers, no. of luggages).
  4. 4. Guest details (lead passenger's name, mobile no. with calling code).
  5. 5. Special remarks.


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  • +604-641 3352
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  • +6012-400 7575
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